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How can you help the Ark??  There are lots of ways….

We are so grateful for any help that you are able to give at this time, all the money raised goes straight to the upkeep of over 300 beautiful rescue animals at the sanctuary.


Buy a Bag

The Ark are working with our local supplier, who is cheaper than Amazon so please consider donating this way as your donation will go a lot further and help us and a local business during this difficult time. The orders will also reach the Ark quicker than Amazon delivery times. Prices are below Alpaca and llama food £10.55 Dr John Grain free dog (used for foxes, tanukis etc) £28.99 Twitch Rabbit £10.00 Pig nuts £7.95 Dr John Ferret (also feeds civets and genets) £19.99 A+P Pygmy Goat £11.25 Chinchilla food £9.99 Horse food £6.50 Black sunflower seeds (Goats eat these) £14.99 Chinchilla Sand £3.99 Wood shavings £8.50

She also does all sorts of treats and goat licks and more. Thanks for all your support and any donation you can make will be greatly appreciated at this testing time. Do make sure you let Laura, or us know who you are so we can thank you! Laura at Barleyfeeds (01790 754969)

Amazon Wishlist

Sponsor a meal/treat

After the success of our virtual Easter eggs we have a new way to support the animals and spread a little cheer…. Sponsor a dinner or treat, Pick any animal at the Ark Minimum donation £5 via PayPal or BACs Let us know your message Give us a number to send the video to. Simples!

Any message can be read out on your video and the message will be sent via WhatsApp. Why not send a birthday message or a cheery message to a loved one, you choose. Your video will include the animal getting the treat/meal and a personalised message. All monies go directly to the care of the animals at the sanctuary during this difficult time.

PayPal address Bank Jurassic Encounters Ltd 20-45-45 53462552

Donations from individuals or businesses of fresh fruit and veg are also very greatly received, as our leaves and branches from suitable trees (eg. willow, fruit trees etc) for herbivore browsing, please contact us if you have anything suitable that can be delivered.

Corporate sponsorship also available

If you would like to speak to us about how you can help or to purchase any of our offers please message us on 07957500704 and we will call as soon as we can. Please bare in mind there are just 2 of us looking after the animals but we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Thanks and take care xx

The Ark team would like to thank…

Here you can find those businesses who have already donated, contributed or helped the Arks many rescued resident animals, we would like to say a massive thank you for helping to improve the lives of many animals who would  have had an uncertain future, this could not have been achieved with out the help and generosity of many individuals and businesses.

There are many individuals who have helped the Ark over the years, from donations of money and food as well as purchases from our Amazon wish list, to many too mention individually but we thank you all.

Lynx fuels, proudly sponser Echo the Eurasian Lynx

The Irons family

Our fabulous staff and volunteers

CJM Plumbing & Heating

Sainsburys (Spilsby branch)

Marsh Industries


Holey man Moss

B&Q (Boston branch)

Four seasons fruit & veg (Spilsby)


Vets 4 pets (Newmarket)

Tesco (Horncastle & Skegness)

SiLo paving

Griff Leigh

MacMahon Family

Grainne Richardson

Boots (Wisbech)

J.Hull wholesale

Pilgrim foods

Peregrine livefoods

Pets at Home

Ripe now

Frank York

Four seasons harvest

Kings garage of Stickney

AK fruit & veg (Lincoln & Boston)

The Waddington family

The Shannon family

Debbie & Max (sorry we don’t have your surname)

Association of animal artists

Karen Markham

Lincoln university wildlife conservation society 

Maureen Barrand

Brian Burnett & Lorna Arnold

Helen for the heaters (sorry we don’t have your surname)

Mrs Denise Bowden

Pete Stapleton & Samantha

Jayne Bingham

Reece Taylor-long

Mrs P. Hunter

Mablethorpe Christian Spiritualist Church

Marion Ellis

Sarah & John Marsden

Morrisons (Spalding)

Emerald Green Feeds

Julie Bedford



Ameya the Jungle cat, one of many animals to find a permanent home at the Ark.