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We’re glad to announce all areas of the Ark will be re-opening on July 4th, please see the home page for the Covid-19 secure measures we have put in place and how to book your tickets, it’s been a stressful and busy time for us here but we are thankful to have made it this far, even during the lock down we got involved in the rescue of a large number of exotic birds who are now safe and sound.

The rescue program is up and running again with talks taking place about animals in need of a permanent home who will be joining the Ark soon and more exciting developments coming soon!

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s helping the animals during the Covid-19 lock down, we’ve been blown away by peoples generosity, obviously at this time we don’t have any new rescue stories at the moment as we’re having to concentrate funds on the residents here at the moment but just before the lock down we were still making arrangements to give permanent homes to some more animals from the European pet trade, these animals are now safe with one of our partner sanctuaries and will be coming to the Ark when these difficult times have passed.

Meet the newest rescue at the Ark. This little guy was found freezing cold on someones patio earlier today. Having either escaped or been let loose. The Ark was called in to pick him up and provide ongoing care. He’s doing well so far and slowly warming up. If anyone is missing a snake please get in contact (proof of ownership required). This little guy would not have survived much longer in the freezing cold temperatures so lucky he was spotted and collected in time.

little rescue cornsnake
little rescue cornsnake


Flerken the Savannah

Tembea the serval


Two fantastic photos comparing two of our resident felines, above is Flerkin the Savannah kitten (savannahs have a percentage of serval in their breeding) who came into us recently, and below is Tembea a pure Serval who came in as a rescue this time last year. These two photos really show the family resemblance!

All cats love a box


A massive thank you this time to the team at Boston B&Q for their help and generous discount towards materials for Flerkens new enclosure.

It’s the generosity and help from companies and individuals who support the Ark that enables us to achieve what we do and help out so many exotic animals in need – thanks again.

Our little Flerken is becoming a famous kitty, follow the link to her story on the BBC.

Sainsburys donation


Our local branch of Sainsbury’s in Spilsby have been holding fundraisers for us and other good causes as part of their 150 year celebrations, they have donated £500 in B&Q vouchers which will be used for our new rescue savannah kittens enclosure.

Flerken the Savannah kitten


Introducing Flerken, she’s a 5 month old F1 Savannah kitten who was brought illegally into the UK and confiscated by Border Force, the Ark was contacted to give her a home as it’s not that easy to find cats like her a suitable home. The savannah cat is a man made hybrid between an African wildcat known as a Serval (the Ark has it’s own resident serval called Tembea, another rescue from the pet trade) and a domestic cat.

F1 denotes that she is a first generation hybrid and as such is classed as a dangerous wild animal in the same way a serval or other wildcats are, meaning a license is required to keep one so rehousing her to a domestic setting isn’t really an option, unfortunately traditional zoos would not be interested in her as she’s not 100% wildcat, so she found herself in limbo through no fault of her own, to wild for a domestic home and not wild enough for a zoo.

Here at the Ark we specialise in giving homes to exotic animals from the pet trade and so Flerken was a perfect fit, she’s settling in really well already and is proving to be a bit of a character and has well and truly captured everyone’s hearts.