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ARK wildlife park & exotic animal sanctuary offers an all weather Lincolnshire attraction through out the year, set in the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside, with a wide range of animals, offering visitors the chance to get up close with stunning exotic mammal species, amazing reptiles and some familiar friends.

Every day visitors will have the opportunity to come face to face with some of our reptile residents in our animal presentations, learn about our work as a sanctuary for exotic pets and gain a newfound appreciation for snakes and lizards.

Some of the animal residents you can meet include, Eurasian Lynx, Jaguarundi, Macaques, Meerkats, Caiman, Lemur monkeys, Raccoons, snakes, Foxes, Coatis, Civets, Tanukis, Porcupines, Iguanas, Pygmy goats, wallabies and many more.

The majority of the animals at the park are rescues from the European pet trade , who for one reason or another come to us having been neglected, mistreated or in need of a new home, and in some cases were being kept illegally, but now have a permanent home with us and our caring team of keepers.

Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate animals in need from the exotic pet trade, and to raise public awareness of the many issues surrounding the trade including wildlife trafficking and the global trade in animal derivatives, the Ark also offers a peaceful home to ex laboratory monkeys, your visit will continue to fund the care of not only the current residents but also future rescue projects.

Rhesus Macaques

Spectacled Caiman

As well as our daily presentations, we will be running seasonal events throughout the year to ensure every visit is different.

Let the kids burn off some energy in our play park, or relax in the Kalahari cafe with locally made cakes and savouries.

Enjoy a stroll around Lemur lake, home to our group of ring-tailed lemur monkeys and Macaque monkeys, set around a picturesque pond, where we encourage native wildlife to set up home, keep an eye out for some local wildlife including frogs, newts, dragonflies, butterflies, birds, grass snakes and waterfowl.

ARK wildlife park & exotic animal sanctuary started off life as a disused farm park, taken over by the Mintram family with the goal of opening a wildlife park with an emphasis on housing rescued exotic/domestic animals, the park has won multiple awards, including awards recognising the Arks animal welfare work.

This is not the end, merely the beginning, as we continue to grow, learn and expand to become one of the best Lincolnshire attractions, we have lots of plans and exciting developments to come.